In the United Kingdom, a crewed lease is when an aircraft is operated under the lessor`s Air Operator Certificate (ACO). [15] An agreement in which the lessor provides the aircraft, flight crew and maintenance, but the lessee provides the cabin crew, is sometimes referred to as „crewed leasing”, a term used particularly in the United Kingdom. It is also sometimes called a „crewed lease”. [8] In the United Kingdom, there is a dry lease when an aircraft is operated under the Lessee`s AOC. [15] For the „dry lease”, even both airlines must apply for a permit: The airline that wants to lease its aircraft (ORO. AOC.110 (d)), as well as the airline wishing to lease the aircraft (ORO. AOC.110 (a)). For the „wet lease”, on the other hand, only the airline that wishes to lease the aircraft requires a corresponding official approval (ORO. AOC.110 (a)) – the crewed rental, on the other hand, should only be displayed (ORO. AOC.110 (c)).

A lease agreement in which the aircraft is provided plus or minus one pilot. Under a lease with crew, the aircraft is normally operated under the lessor`s AOC. „dry lease` means an agreement between undertakings under which an aircraft is operated under the lessee`s air operator`s certificate.` As you can see, the approval requirement also serves primarily to prevent EU safety standards from being circumvented by means of a „dry lease” or a „crew lease”. This, in turn, is also a protection against distortions of competition: it is enough to use a `non-European airline` that works cheaper because safety standards are lower – this is not possible, European airlines are not allowed to do so. `lease with crew` means – in the case of CAT flight operations between air carriers, under which the aircraft is operated under the lessor`s air operator`s certificate, or – in the case of commercial flight operations other than CAT flight operations between operators, under which the aircraft is operated under the responsibility of the lessor. » Add a crewed lease to one of the following lists or create a new one. Rentals are often anchored at LIBOR rates….