The client concludes this contract by signing the request letter (Annex 1) and the asset manager registers the aforementioned request and, if the client meets the requirements of the applicable legislation and the contract, forwards the notification of the conclusion of the contract to the client (Annex 2). Компания ЦЕРИХ СЕКЬЮРИЗ ЛИМИТЕД (далее по тексту – „Дове Asset Management Services are mainly used by companies, governments and HNWIs that have a lot of investments to manage. If you are one of them, it is advisable to use asset managers. They take care of the investments and get higher returns. Asset management firms have specialized knowledge and resources to conduct in-depth market research. This helps to make a good investment decision. If you use your services, you should (as a client) enter into an asset management contract. This agreement is concluded between the owner and the asset manager on the effective date of November 10, 2011. This is a formal document that governs the agreement between a company providing asset management services and the investor….