10 Exercise 4, p. 159 Use your boards Identify theme. Choose the verb form that matches the ex theme: Houses on my block (have, have) two stories. A: Houses: have #1: The launch of the Space Shuttle (attracts, attracts) the interest of people around the world. A: Launch: Shoots We made it easy for you to find a PDF ebooks without digging. And by accessing our e-books online or storing them on your computer, you have convenient answers with chapter 8 verb agree. To begin searching for Chapter 8 Agreement Subject Verb, you are right to find our website that has listed a complete collection of textbooks. Our library is the largest of which has literally represented hundreds of thousands of different products. 30 titles and names of countries, cities and companies adopt individual verbs even when they are plural. Ex: Blue Lines is an early painting by Georgia O`Keefe.

Ex: „Greensleeves” is an old English folk song. Ex: There are thousands of channels in the Netherlands. Ex: Cedar Rapids is a production center in the Midwest. 28 Some nouns in the plural take singular verbsEconomic Genetic Gymnastics Genetic Gymnastics Maths Mathematics News Physics evokes Ex: Economics is my favorite subject. Ex: Evening news starts at 6:21 a.m. Contractions don`t match their subjectsAnd contractions don`t coincide with their subjects. Don`t: All pluralists and pronouns I and You Don`t: All individual subjects (except me and you) Ex: These gloves don`t match. (Pluriel) I don`t want to be late. (I) It doesn`t matter. Singular. Doesn`t she like cold weather? (Singulier) 16 Singular Topics Related or Related to Singular Verbs Singular subjects linked by or taking individual verbs.

Plural topics that are bound by or take plural verbs. Ex: This test requires a pencil or pencil. Ex: Neither Minnesota nor Buffalo have won a Super Bowl. Ex: Do the Lakers or Clippers win the game? 14 Compound Topics Topics bound by a plural that usually take. Ex: Superman and Batman are famous comic book heroes. Ex: Last year, the Joker, the Penguin and Bane teamed up to take over Gotham City. Menu Course Time Plan Print Answer Key NAME CLASS DATE for CHAPTER 8: AGREEMENT Pages 152-53 Subject-verbal contract: Indefinable Pronouns A pronoun A pronoun that does not refer to a person, a particular place, a thing or an idea is called an indefinite pronoun. If an unspecified pronoun is used as a subject, make sure the verb matches the pronoun. Singular Indefinite Pronouns 8d. Use a singular verb to accept with the following pronouns, if they are used as subjects: either anyone has no one someone who gives nothing to someone, has a good idea. [The singular verb corresponds to somebody`s singular subject.] Only one of the answers is correct.