If you are about to buy your dream luxury apartments in Cochin, you will be allowed with all kinds of jobs as always your application for real estate credit, permits, taxes and what is not! Often you miss stamp duty and registration fees, and your financial planning falls apart! In Kerala, the sales contract is registered with the lower office of the region and you must pay stamp duty and registration fees for this procedure. To make an online lease for every city in Kerala, follow these steps – Although e-stamping has been announced in Kerala, this is still not very common. People still use traditional stamp paper for all intentions and purposes. They are very common with many stamp sellers in major cities. A well-prepared rental contract is not only the basis of a renter-tenant relationship, but also a preventive measure to avoid future litigation. Therefore, certain clauses in your leases should never be omitted. Some of them are – learn more about real estate registration and stamp duty in kerala real estate has always been a strong market in Kerala, where everyone is interested in adding as many homes as possible to their names. While the information technology sector is booming in the state, the demand for rents has only increased. For those of you who want to know about the creation of rental contracts in Kerala, this article is a must. This is a tax levied on any type of transaction that takes place and is documented. It can be an act of promotion, an act of sale, a power of attorney and much more. In other words, it is a tax paid for the acquisition of a document or instrument that facilitates the creation, transfer, limitation, renewal, erasure or registration of rights or facilities of liability.

After the stamp duty is paid, the documents or instruments become final and have a value of proof before the court. E. DUTY OF PAYABLE 30. Taxes payable: Without agreement to the contrary, the costs of making the appropriate stamp available will be borne. (b) in the event of a transfer (including a redistribution of real estate as a pledge) by the beneficiary; In the case of a lease or lease by the proposed taker; (c) in the case of a leasing consideration by the lessor; The rate of stamp duty depends on the price of the luxury apartment in Cochin. The sale value of the property must not be less than the fair value of the land established by the government. The government determines the fair value of the property and the value is revised from time to time according to the budget.