I`m the daycare of all my brothers children. I`ve always been the primary caretaker for my nieces, my nephews, and now my parents. It`s hard, but it`s so rewarding. While children offer to do everything they can imagine, don`t expect grandparents to play hide-and-seek and search or hungry Hippo, unless they really want to. Grandparents also don`t need to clean the house or do the laundry while they`re passing by. This fact sheet is not intended for people who regularly babysit, such as caring for a grandchild while their parents are working or studying. The information in this fact sheet may also apply to other family members who may have a child in their care, for example. B, aunts, uncles or cousins. The solution is to become creative. Find ways to reimburse your parents that don`t include the exchange of dollars — such as lawn maintenance or technical assistance when they need them. At least they offer them a break, especially when they watch the children more than three days a week. Some grandparents are relaxed and don`t want to score. Others, perhaps unconsciously, will count every extra minute and the extra jug of milk.

I have to pass them on to my sister. My mother looks at her children. I`ve never been so lucky. That`s good advice from what I can say. If you`re lucky that your child`s grandparents live nearby, you`ve probably already used it for child care. But whether it`s for casual babysitting or full-time care during work, here are some things you want Grandma or Grandpa to know about your children. You may also have been the primary caretaker for your grandchild for some time and the parents may want to put the child back in charge. In addition, babysitting their grandchildren keeps older adults healthier, both physically and mentally.

It can even help prevent dementia and Alzheimer`s disease by increasing brain function and memory. „Child care is really complicated. You don`t even solve it, you solve it six times a month – you have a regular agreement, a backup agreement, you have sick days, you have something to travel. You need a number of different arrangements. Sometimes parents prefer to make their agreements in writing. This can be done in an education plan. The plan provides in writing how their child lives and care.