The following item is returned by both originalTestErrors and akamaiTestErrs members. You have access at all times to a permanent team that provides cloud services and first-class support. The team consists of a globally distributed staff, with extensive professional experience and advanced degrees. Our technical support is customer-oriented to ensure that you always have access to a competent advisor who can solve all technical content and application issues. json – „estimatedAvailabilityPercentage”: 1, „originTestErrors”: [ » „agentName”: „Frankfurt, Deutschland”, „agentIp”: „”, „time”: „2016-03-09T03:29:25Z” Deutschland”, „agentIp”: „”, „time”: „2016-03-09T08:20:11Z”, „agentName”: „Paris, Frankreich”, „agentIp”: „”, „time”: „2016-03-09T09:31:37Z” „akamaiTestErrors”: [ » „agentName”: „Frankfurt, Deutschland”, „agentIp”: „”, „time”: „2016-03-09T03 „Berlin, Deutschland”, „agentIp”: „”, „time”: „2016-03-09 T08:20:11Z” , „agentName”: „Paris, Frankreich”, „agentIp”: „”, „time”: „2016-03-09T09:31:37Z” ] – – Daten [Daten] Fügen Sie das performanceSlaTarget-Mitglied ein, wenn Sie eine Referenzzeile im Leistungsbericht-Diagramm auf der im SLA angegebenen Zielleistungsebene hinzufügen möchten. This serves as a visual aid for the interpretation of the diagram. Include ISO-8601 UTC formatted start and end settings. The analyzer provides a query for the SLA (sla-test-object.html) test file to that IP address and sets the header so that the requirement is sent to This is a configuration of an availability test or a performance test. A test object can be used to add a new test configuration, update an existing configuration, or get settings for a specified configuration. Returns a table of performance test results performed during the specified period. This action requires three parameters: .

Access SLA test configurations and reports to monitor the performance of the Akamai platform. If your origin does not accept requirements for the original name, the first method does not work. In this case, use the second method to ensure that the original tests reach the origin. Here`s the order of events: Determine the slaTestId for which you want to get a performance report. The test must be of the performance type. Send original tests in the name of origin: Use the original name in testDetails.originUrl and leave yourself to originalDnsHostnameOverride. . .

. Perform a POST test for /sla-api/v1/tests, including all required fields. SLA tests measure certain metrics of availability and power. The results of these tests can help you verify that Akamai is achieving the performance gains and availability of the platform included in the service level agreement in your sales contract. For more information on the results, see . Akamai Customer Stories Our customers are changing the online game Get an overview of the latest Internet trends to move your business faster. Select the groupId and contractId you want to use for this test setup. The general method for creating a new test configuration is this: use this action to change an existing test configuration, for example. B change the group of agents or add a performance goal.

Use the slaTestId setting (necessary) to indicate which test configuration needs to be updated. The requirement must contain all required members of the test object, including members whose values do not change. Represents the set of potential agents in which tests are run for a specific SLA test configuration. Groups of agents are defined by geographic location. This setting usually corresponds to the regional ALS that is made available to you when you purchase.